Morning Routine


Much thought and experimentation has been accomplished in an effort to develop the following theory.  For the sake of simplicity, I’ve converted my findings into an easy to understand mathematical formula:

  Staying up late
+ Waking up early
+ Dressing Self
  Fashion Disaster


The evidence is clear as day given the fact that both of the following days proceeded 2:00am bedtimes and 7:00am risings:

  • Last week: Realized, while at work, that underwear were on backwards
  • This week: Realized, after getting home from work, that undershirt was on inside-out
  • Next Week: [insert random fashion error here]


I’m not sure whether these are symptoms of regression or senility, or if my inability to be coherent before noon has finally caught up to me.  It looks like I’ll have to start double checking all my undergarments before I leave every morning.

Weird.  This was never a problem before :-\