Cory LaViska

My perpetually changing, personal waste of cyberspace.

Cayman Punch

Here's a great rum punch cocktail that I discovered while vacationing on Christmas Eve in Grand Cayman. If you love rum punch, grab a chair...and a glass.

Want something a little stronger? Try one of Donovan's Cayman Lemonades.

Chili con Awesome

Here's a recipe for chili that's worth writing home about. It's sort of a Frankenstein of recipes from various sources, but I assure you that it won't disappoint.

I'm calling it Chili con Awesome™ because it's chili...and it's, well, awesome.

Rum Runners

Here's a modified version of the rum runners you'll get when you visit Atlantis in Nassua, Bahamas. The recipe makes it a little more strong and a little less sweet...but so much more tasty:

Serve over ice and shake well. Drink responsibly, but drink a lot ;)

The Fallen Sailor

My drink of choice is typically a rum and Coke—but not just any rum. Sailor Jerry is the man when it comes to my all-time favorite liquor.

But I also like a good tequila.

Things I Say

Some say I curse like a sailor, but I've also been told that I'm as eloquent as a Hallmark card at times.  Here are some of the curiously awesome things I've come up with...usually from right out of my ass: