Sophia and Bucky

My daughter recently learned how buckles work. She's absolutely fascinated by them and spends a lot of time trying to fasten them and unfasten them. On backpacks. On highchairs. Doesn't matter. Every time she sees a buckle, she has to try to snap it in place. It's a huge win for building motor skills!

She has this turtle called Bucky that has a bunch of buckles attached to him. I took him along on our trip to the park today so Sophia could play with him during the drive. It kept her busy for awhile. Alas, she still has trouble removing the buckles.

But like many toddlers do, she quickly figured out an efficient way to remove them. She handed him to me. And I made the mistake of unbuckling each one so she could re-buckle them. This continued the entire trip home.

Honestly, it was just adorable and I'm happy she still needs my help with silly things like this. I don't mind playing her game. I know one day she won't need my help — at least not with buckles.