From the Delivery Room

The beating of your heart plays on the machine across the room. In the distance, I hear a new baby crying and I can't help but think that soon, it will be you that I'm hearing.

Your mommy's finally getting some rest. We're both very tired, but I won't complain. She has the hardest job of all, and she's been through so much just to get you here.

Cayman Lemonade

Another great cocktail that I discovered in the Cayman Islands. This one will make you forget all your worries...and the rest of the day. Credit for this beast of a beverage goes to Donovan over at Tiki Beach.

On Web Developers

College didn’t teach me how to program. All of the skills I use daily were learned the hard way — through trial and error, poorly written API docs, and foraging through other people’s code. I give credit to Academia for algebra skills and emotional endurance, but web development was something that needed to be self-taught. I’ve embarrassed teachers who tried to teach table-based layouts and stumped professors with scripts that were a fraction of the size of their Java equivalents.

This isn’t rogue, this is renaissance.

Angry Conscience

Inside your head and all through your mind
There’s a broken dream that you left behind

It comes in and goes out, but it never leaves
You hide and you struggle, you suffer and grieve

Who I'd Like to Meet

There’s something to be said about a girl who can outshine all others without makeup, expensive dresses, or high heels. She shouldn’t be afraid to get a grass stain on her clothes every now and then. She should be graceful in her steps and careful with her priorities. Public affection should be something she anticipates, and she shouldn’t mind holding hands, being caressed, and an occasional kiss.

Not afraid to show her true colors, she should be assertive and inspiring. Creativity should flow through her every thought and act as a fingerprint to everything she does. Her curiosity should never settle. She should be anxious to learn and eager to teach.