Ramen Haiku Revisited

In the beginning of the month, my snack drawer inspired me to write a Haiku about a lonely ramen. Now, my snack drawer is empty and, once again, I have been inspired:

One day, my greatness will be recognized.

Ramen Haiku

My desk at work has a snack drawer. Oftentimes I sit there with it open, gazing at the helpless snacks just waiting to be consumed. And then I think, I should write a haiku about them. And so it was. A colorful haiku about those oh, so tasty ramen noodles:

So now you know. Yes. I do have a creative side.

Daddy's Girl

She wanders around without a clue
A little girl that envies you

You watch her grow up everyday
She makes you smile in every way

The Best Sweet Tea Ever

A recipe I got from a friend in Texas who makes the best sweet tea ever (thanks, Johnny Ray!):

* This stuff is really good. Please drink responsibly.