Sometimes, I'm funny.

Sophie's First Amazon Order

I didn't think this would happen for at least a few more years, but a couple days ago our nine month old ordered her first lightning deal from Amazon using an unlocked iPhone (whoops).

Behold, all the laundry baskets we'll ever need.

Shitted or Shat?

Two words, one meaning…but is one better than the other?  To find out whether or not I just shitted or shat, I decided to consult the Urban Dictionary:

Ah, I get it.  If I’m feeling historical I can parody the phrase by using a pseudo-Old English word like shat, but if I want to convey a more contemporary version of the message I could use shitted.  Or perhaps we could combine them to form the ultimate past-tense fecal expression:

The Global Object Model

Levi and I came up with a real-life equivalent to the Document Object Model (DOM). It's called the Global Object Model (GOM), and it can be used to organize, reference, and manipulate elements around the globe using simple JavaScript statements.

Where the DOM limits you to window and document, the GOM opens the door to bigger and better things. For example:

Ramen Haiku Revisited

In the beginning of the month, my snack drawer inspired me to write a Haiku about a lonely ramen. Now, my snack drawer is empty and, once again, I have been inspired:

One day, my greatness will be recognized.

An Easy Way to Make Static Electricity

I will now show you how to generate large amounts of static electricity with common household items and minimal effort.  I haven’t figured out any practical use for this yet, but it’s fun…kind of.

Earn cat’s trust by laying next to him on the floor.  Pet gently until cat is semi-conscious and nearing slumber.  Now, using one hand on the cat’s lower back, quickly begin spinning in a fast, clockwise motion.