Sometimes, I'm funny.

Ramen Haiku

My desk at work has a snack drawer. Oftentimes I sit there with it open, gazing at the helpless snacks just waiting to be consumed. And then I think, I should write a haiku about them. And so it was. A colorful haiku about those oh, so tasty ramen noodles:

So now you know. Yes. I do have a creative side.

The Cottonelle Puppy Takes a Dive

My interpretation of a picture that Jay Barnes took of a strangely-themed, kids version of Cottennelle toilet paper:

It’s an inter-corporate political issue. The marketing team set out to launch a kid-based marketing campaign with a new theme that would attract children, making them scream “MOMMY!!! MOMMY!!!” while pointing excitedly at the ever-so-soft youth-targeted toilet paper. It was a good campaign, too, however, the executives didn’t like it.

Names Not to Use on Your Test Server on Presentation Day

Developers often use bogus temporary data to develop and test the systems they're working on. This is a short list of names that shouldn't appear on your test server come presentation day. They make for quite an awkward moment.

The Cruise Dance

The obligatory dance that must be performed prior to attending a cruise: 

And now you know.

Today's Headlines

While living in Brevard County, Florida, your best source of quality local news comes from the Florida Today newspaper. I signed up for the online news notifications not because I wanted to stay up to date with current events, but because I needed a good laugh from day-to-day. I don’t think that the news stories are intended to be humorous, but how can they not with headlines like these:

It almost makes the news worth reading, doesn’t it?