Tales of my day-to-day adventures.


Ironic that, the day I get home from a “hacker” conference, my credit card company informs me that my account number may have been compromised (along with many others).  The card has been voided and a new one is already in the mail…yay.

Apparently a hacker broke into some online retailer’s system and “saw” a bunch of the numbers so this is just standard procedure.  Luckily, there were no fraudulent charges on my account.

Trip to Las Vegas

A phone call to my house at 6:15am usually results in curse words and violent fits of rage.  Fortunately for Rich, who is doubling today as airport shuttle slash traveling buddy, this is the morning we leave for DEFCON in Las Vegas.

Excited?  A bit.  Tired?  Hell yeah.  I didn’t get to bed until 2:30am again—nothing out of the ordinary for me.

The Two-Second Rule

Today, whilst driving home on Knecht Road in Palm Bay (a 35 MPH road), one of two cops standing on the side of the street motioned for me to stop. So I stopped and rolled down the window, but only about halfway. I looked at him with my shades on and a “what the hell do you want” expression. After a brief moment of silence, as if he had to make up something to say, he spoke:

“What’s a safe distance between moving vehicles?” he asked.

My Truck At My Tickets

We didn’t get to go to the show last night because I lost the tickets, presumably in an inaccessible cavity behind my dashboard. It mostly-likely happened en route to the gas station on the way to Orlando.

Attempts to excavate them from the vehicle’s ticket-eating vortex failed miserably. So that pretty much sucked.

A Clean Inbox

I love it when my email inbox is empty.  For me, that means everything I had to follow up on is complete.  I keep all sorts of things in there, from calendar reminders to to-do lists, and I never delete a single one until it’s complete.

Tonight, for the first time in months, I once again have a clean inbox to look at :)