A collection of things that are pure awesome.

Rum Runners

Here's a modified version of the rum runners you'll get when you visit Atlantis in Nassua, Bahamas. The recipe makes it a little more strong and a little less sweet...but so much more tasty:

Serve over ice and shake well. Drink responsibly, but drink a lot ;)

The Fallen Sailor

My drink of choice is typically a rum and Coke—but not just any rum. Sailor Jerry is the man when it comes to my all-time favorite liquor.

But I also like a good tequila.

Four Dollar Gas Rocks!

Ever since gas hit three dollars a gallon, I’ve been championing higher fuel prices as much as possible. Most people get pissy when I tell them that the primary reason I want gas prices to go higher is because “it will keep all the lowlifes off the road”. In fact, there are a multitude of reasons that higher gas prices will make things better for everyone in America.

First off, it will keep a lot of the lowlifes off the road, but it will also make people think twice before they drive somewhere. I used to see people from my neighborhood drive to the community mailbox almost daily. In the past few months, I can honestly say there have been more people walking. Little things like this, multiplied by every neighborhood in the United States, can create a huge, positive impact on energy conservation.

Awesome Pick de Gallo

We made Chipotle-style burritos for Halloween, which meant that I needed to make some kickin’ pico de gallo.  So I found a recipe online, adapted it a bit, and made some awesome pico de gallo.  Here’s how I made it:

A shit load of pico de gallo.

The Best Sweet Tea Ever

A recipe I got from a friend in Texas who makes the best sweet tea ever (thanks, Johnny Ray!):

* This stuff is really good. Please drink responsibly.