Because it's good to remember the past.

Origami Fortune Tellers

Remember when we were kids and could get away with silly things like these?

Well you know what?  The Randal Graves in me says I’m taking it back.  That’s right.  Paper fortune tellers are cool again, despite what your bratty little fifth-grader thinks.

Fraidy Cat Cartoon

Does anyone remember this cartoon? Every now and then it runs through my head…like memories of watching the number 9 cloud chasing this poor cat through the alley and trying to zap him with lightning.

I’d really like to get a copy of the “Cloud 9″ episode so I can watch it again, maybe just to see if I am remembering it as I originally saw it.

The Warm Fuzzy Tale

Some people have never heard of or read the Warm Fuzzy Tale. Boy are they missing out:

Things You Wish You Could Do Again

Some things you wish you could do all over again:

At the time you never think twice about the fun you’re having and the people you’re having it with. Looking back though…that’s a different story. But the truth is, your youth never fades away and you can celebrate it eternally just by remembering it – and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll find yourself having a pillow fight “just for fun”.