Sometimes I write poems. Some are happy, some are sad. Most were written years ago. They live here eternally for your enjoyment.

The Man on the Moon

I came up with this years ago in my head. I used to type it as dummy text when I was trying out a keyboard or just needed to type something—kinda like Lorem Ipsum.

I have no idea why it stayed stuck in my head for all this time, but it's earned its place here because of it:

Too Fast

Don't let your guard down
Don't open your heart
The moment you do
She'll tear you apart

Just keep moving forward
And follow your dreams
This thing you call love
Is not what it seems

Sometimes I Wonder

I wonder what she sees in me
Something that I still can’t see

A bright and charming, somewhat shy,
Introverted kind of guy?

Angry Conscience

Inside your head and all through your mind
There’s a broken dream that you left behind

It comes in and goes out, but it never leaves
You hide and you struggle, you suffer and grieve

A Lonely Road

Darkness sets in and clouds fill the sky
The evening waits patiently, life passes by

Off in the distance, she stands in a dress
She bears not a smile, her hair is a mess