Sometimes I write poems. Some are happy, some are sad. Most were written years ago. They live here eternally for your enjoyment.

Who I'd Like to Meet

There’s something to be said about a girl who can outshine all others without makeup, expensive dresses, or high heels. She shouldn’t be afraid to get a grass stain on her clothes every now and then. She should be graceful in her steps and careful with her priorities. Public affection should be something she anticipates, and she shouldn’t mind holding hands, being caressed, and an occasional kiss.

Not afraid to show her true colors, she should be assertive and inspiring. Creativity should flow through her every thought and act as a fingerprint to everything she does. Her curiosity should never settle. She should be anxious to learn and eager to teach.

Christmas Alone

No carols, no bells
No cookies and tea
No ornaments hanging, not even a tree

There won’t be presents
There won’t be lights
There won’t be silly snowball fights

The Perfect Guy

I may not be the perfect guy
But you’re the perfect girl
You may believe I’ve lost my mind
But I’ll give you the world

I never was that good with gifts
There’s some things that I lack
But everyday I think of you
It helps me stay on track

I'm Sorry

I’m sorry for the things I said
I’m sorry for the things you read

I’m sorry for the times I lied
I’m sorry for the times you cried