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Cory LaViska is a software engineer, a business owner, and an Army veteran living in New Hampshire. He enjoys writing open source software, riding around on four wheelers, and a good cup of tea.

This is Cory's personal website where you'll find all sorts of crazy thoughts and randomness. Occassionally, you might even find something useful here. If you're interested in Cory's more serious side and his professional work, head over to A Beautiful Site where he writes about software, web design, and related topics.

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This website was handcrafted from scratch using a custom theme designed by Cory LaViska. The current design symbolizes Cory's ongoing quest for minimal, simple interfaces and incorporates a touch of Brutalism. The website is generated with Eleventy and deployed on Vercel. The search feature is powered by Lunr.

The website, its design and content, and the "" wordmark are copyrights of Cory LaViska.

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