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Sophie's First Amazon Order

I didn't think this would happen for at least a few more years, but a couple days ago our nine month old ordered her first lightning deal from Amazon using an unlocked iPhone (whoops). Behold, all the laundry baskets we'll ever need. The best part: there's a no-return policy for this item, so 
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On Top of the World

If you ask me what I want out of life, you'll get a simple answer. But getting there has been anything but simple. I work my ass off, but there's always more to do. I try to save money, but there are always more bills to pay. I try to be the 
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The Man on the Moon

I came up with this years ago in my head. I used to type it as dummy text when I was trying out a keyboard or just needed to type something—kinda like Lorem Ipsum. I have no idea why it stayed stuck in my head for all this time, but it's 
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From the Delivery Room

The beating of your heart plays on the machine across the room. In the distance, I hear a new baby crying and I can't help but think that soon, it will be you that I'm hearing. Your mommy's finally getting some rest. We're both very tired, but I won't complain. 
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It was sometime around the end of fifth grade when my parents decided to move from New Hampshire to Florida. At that age, I never understood why they made that decision. I was young, but I had friends, a place I loved, a life I was familiar with. I cried the 
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Lessons Not Learned

I should have learned this lesson a long time ago. Searching for something that isn't there for so many years has taken an emotional toll on me. I've dragged myself through hell and back too many times now. I should've known better. I should've realized it sooner. Just like the 
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Chocolate Melting Cake Recipe

I actually got this recipe on our last cruise, but didn't remember that I had it until recently. This isn't a copycat recipe, it's the real deal straight from Carnival. Ingredients 6oz dark chocolate 6oz butter 4 eggs 6oz sugar 2oz flour Method Melt the chocolate 
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Cayman Lemonade

Another great cocktail that I discovered in the Cayman Islands. This one will make you forget all your worries...and the rest of the day. Credit for this beast of a beverage goes to Donovan over at Tiki Beach. You've been warned. If you're not an experienced rum 
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Cayman Punch

Here's a great rum punch cocktail that I discovered while vacationing on Christmas Eve in Grand Cayman. If you love rum punch, grab a chair...and a glass. Orange juice Pineapple juice White rum Dark rum Spiced rum Grenadine Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy Want something 
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Chili con Awesome

Here's a recipe for chili that's worth writing home about. It's sort of a Frankenstein of recipes from various sources, but I assure you that it won't disappoint. I'm calling it Chili con Awesome™ because it's chili...and it's, well, awesome. Ingredients 1½ lbs ground beef 1 can of light red kidney beans 
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