Cory LaViska

My perpetually changing, personal waste of cyberspace.

From the Very First Day

From the very first day
You looked up to me
To your very last hour
Your trust was in me

Through thick and through thin
And through every rough day
You were always there with me
To help guide the way


just hollow shells of what had once held vibrant life
you hear me right now
no matter how much else you may have going for you
if the river ever leaves
you die

if i go down by the river to pray
i don't even know what i'll say
i guess i'll save it for another day
but lord i gotta know
if somehow my body dies before i awaken
where will my soul be taken
i guess we'll save that for another day
lord save me just another day 

The Field

I keep having this dream. I'm walking in a field. It's really late, or maybe really early. I feel safe…I think. I don't know where I am.

The air is cold. The grass is wet, like an early morning dew has settled on it. My shoes are damp from it. I'm walking, but I don't know to where.

To My Son

Exactly nineteen months ago we were in this same hospital, eagerly waiting to meet your sister. Today, it's your turn.

In a matter of hours you'll be in my arms. I can't wait to see your face for the first time. To hold your hand. To see your eyes.

Sophie's First Amazon Order

I didn't think this would happen for at least a few more years, but a couple days ago our nine month old ordered her first lightning deal from Amazon using an unlocked iPhone (whoops).

Behold, all the laundry baskets we'll ever need.