Rocket Ship

All ya'll seem so small
Out the window of my rocket ship

So much pressure, I got to get out of here
Lift off again I'm up out the atmosphere
I'm lookin down there is no gravity
I'm sick of feelin like everybody mad at me
Stars, quasars, I become a constellation
So pilled up, I can't have a conversation
Constant pressure, hollow tips, doctor scripts
Who wouldn't wanna jump back in that rocket ship

Every now and then I touch down
To check in on my kin
Normally don't like what I see so
I take off again
I'm looking down at the moo-oo-oo-oo-oon
Out the window of a rocket ship
From the window of a rocket ship

They say misery loves company well, pull up a chair
And I'll tell you how I go to where I don't even care
From such a loving person, I'm so far from there
I don't care about seein people down there
3-2-1 lift off, it was good bein here with ya'll
If I don't make it back down again
Ya'll just keep on moving it
Keep growing it, keep learning it
Keep lovin it, keep living it
Picture me in a rocket ship
That's just bouncin over Lebanon

[Repeat chorus]

I was tilted to the side like Pimp C in slow mo
In the yo when I recorded these
Lyrics you are hearing currently
And let em live long after they bury me
And let em up on in them rocket ships
When they riding rocket ships
Like they riding [???] in them Cutlasses
Me I had a love for this, ya'll just had a lust for this
A fan don't know the difference 'tween what a real G and a busta is
So I took anything they claimed would take the pain away
And I was caught up in six months of rainy days
Hold up, let me reach off in my pocketful
Fill up, on that rocket fuel

[Repeat chorus]