An easy way to make static electricity

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— Cory

I will now show you how to generate large amounts of static electricity with common household items and minimal effort. I haven't figured out any practical use for this yet, but it's fun…kind of.

Requirements #

Procedure #

Earn cat's trust by laying next to him on the floor. Pet gently until cat is semi-conscious and nearing slumber. Now, using one hand on the cat's lower back, quickly begin spinning in a fast, clockwise motion.

Note: cat may get pissed off. For best results, use one that is declawed and/or defanged.

Now, if you do it right, after a couple of spins you will begin generating static electricity. In fact, if the cat you used is a good conductor, you will both be in for a bit of a shock. I love science.

Disclaimer: no long term testing has been done to determine the effects of this method on the longevity of the cat. Do not attempt this if your cat has a history of heart problems, critical medical conditions, or is pregnant. Not responsible for electric shock resulting from this procedure.

Now go. Have fun :)