I told you so

A drawing of a cartoon man pointing upwards

Hey there! This post was written in 2007, so it may contain information that is no longer accurate or thoughts that no longer reflect how I feel. As human beings, we're constantly learning and bettering ourselves through experiences and interactions with the world and each other.

I keep posts like this around for historical purposes and to prevent link rot, so please keep this in mind as you're reading.

— Cory

Feelings of passion explode into tears
All hopes for the future are now empty years

A lack of direction and no aspiration
Stuck in this world, engulfed in frustration

Facing a dream that's too real to be fake
But scared to admit it, and shy to partake

Their shallow beliefs and conception of love
Contradict all the lessons that were sent from above

So struggle, and strife, we try to be clever
Only to fail with each willful endeavor

A small piece of happiness shows in the light
At once it is gone, like a thief in the night

Alas, we realize that whatever we do
Will never be good enough for both me and you

There once was a time when love was the best
But all of those days have been long put to rest

And I see all the things that, as a child, I missed
All the hopes and dreams, that I long ago wished

They burn in a fire that's fueled by my mind
Leaving nothing but ashes…that's all I can find

There's nothing in life that deserves more regret
Than wanting something that you know you can't get

But trite as it is, I will never stop saying
Dreaming, hoping, and perhaps even praying

That one day they'll see what I already know
And I'll cheerfully tell them, "I told you so"