In Front of Me

A drawing of a cartoon man pointing upwards

Hey there! This post was written in 2004, so it may contain information that is no longer accurate or thoughts that no longer reflect how I feel. As human beings, we're constantly learning and bettering ourselves through experiences and interactions with the world and each other.

I keep posts like this around for historical purposes and to prevent link rot, so please keep this in mind as you're reading.

— Cory

Here you stand in front of me
A dream that has come true
The spirit of a long lost hope
That finally faded through

No random path of evil
Nor temptation block the way
My voice is free from shouting
All the fear has gone away

My memories of tears and pain
Have vanished out of sight
While increments of happiness
Appear throughout the light

You gave me the direction
That I never had back then
Every step I take from now
Will bring me forward again

For all these beneficial things
I hope you can construe
Gratefulness in the form of love
My solemn gift to you

For showing me in black and white
What I could never see
The love that I was looking for
Was right in front of me