From the delivery room

The beating of your heart plays on the machine across the room. In the distance, I hear a new baby crying and I can't help but think that soon, it will be you that I'm hearing.

Your mommy's finally getting some rest. We're both very tired, but I won't complain. She has the hardest job of all, and she's been through so much just to get you here.

Sophie's first diaper waiting patiently for her

Every time she squeezes my hand, I tell her the pain is worth it and that it will all be over the second she looks into your beautiful eyes for the first time. But she already knows that. The truth is, I'm helpless here tonight.

Sitting in the corner of this delivery room, there are so many thoughts racing through my mind. Everything I want to show you. Everything I want to teach you. I can't wait for our journey to begin.

Tonight is the eve of your birth, Sophia, and you're everything I never knew I wanted in my life. Tomorrow, I'll hold you in my arms for the very first time. But tonight, all I can do is wipe these happy tears from my eyes and wait.