Too Fast

A drawing of a cartoon man pointing upwards

Hey there! This post was written in 2012, so it may contain information that is no longer accurate or thoughts that no longer reflect how I feel. As human beings, we're constantly learning and bettering ourselves through experiences and interactions with the world and each other.

I keep posts like this around for historical purposes and to prevent link rot, so please keep this in mind as you're reading.

— Cory

Don't let your guard down
Don't open your heart
The moment you do
She'll tear you apart

Just keep moving forward
And follow your dreams
This thing you call love
Is not what it seems

You'll find your own way
But it may take awhile
You'll suffer through sadness
Before you can smile

It may be hard now
To let it all go
But given some time
Apart you will grow

The anger, the pain
And the tears will subside
You did all you could
You cared and you tried

You jumped in the water
Before you could swim
You threw up a shot
It bounced off the rim

Opportunity knocked
And you answered the door
It didn't work out
But there will be plenty more

When the time is right
You'll find love that lasts
But in the meantime be careful
To not fall too fast